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We're very proud to be recognised as a 'Cream of the Crop Supplier' with Save The Date Magazine and preferred suppliers to Tying the Nott and Unconventional Weddings


We know what a big deal it is getting all the boxes ticked for the music and everything that goes with it at your wedding. We offer a varied program of entertainment to suit all tastes. From the start of this very special day to the end, or any part of it we’ll work with you and for you to make sure that you and your guests have a great time, we’ll be there to help make your event even more memorable. We can be your ’one stop shop’ for:



  • Acoustic, laid back songs before the ceremony - can be purely acoustic or very subtly mic’d up for a little more projection
  • Special song as the Bride enters the ceremony room or church and walks down the aisle
  • A mix of tunes whilst your marriage certificate is completed and then you walk back down the aisle a married couple
  • A couple of laid back sets for your afternoon main event, your choice of incidental/background music (*) in between
  • Special songs to be performed by us or in a playlist for first dance or other personal and special sentiments
  • An evening band either as our acoustic trio or as a 5 piece with added bass and drums, again with your your choice of background music in between and to carry on after the band wraps up
  • Putting your words to music for a unique song
  • We can also perform as solo artistes if this fits the bill better i.e. if you want a solo spot or two in the afternoon or solo performances for your ceremony entry and exit and the band in the evening - no problem. We can mix it up to suit whatever is right for you  


*What do we mean by 'incidental/background music': whenever the band isn't playing we'll play music through our system/s. This can be from any genre and era and played at the right volume for the time used. We are happy to source and provide the music of your choice or you can provide it and we'll play it. 



  • Our pro-standard PA can scale to all wedding venues
  • A separate system for your speeches and/or announcements with a microphone and stand or radio mic if that works better for you, can also be used for background music



  • FMB use a collection of lights for stage and banner uplighting
  • We can supply a number of additional lighting options for your venue to get the mood just right
  • …specific requirements for anything let us know.


We can put together a package to meet your every need, some examples are below, these can be mixed and matched however you like and we will be happy to quote for any of the following and more:  

  • Wedding Ceremony
    • Attend your wedding service and we play as the bride or your partner is awaited, as he/she walks down the aisle and then as the married couple make their way to the reception room/venue
  • Wedding Ceremony + Afternoon/Early Evening
    • As above plus performances during your afternoon/early evening reception, we can build this however you like. Included as standard are 2 x 45 minute (minimum :})sets of our live music, incidental music, lighting and supply of radio mics for speeches
  • Afternoon/Early Evening only
    • As above, without the the ceremony attendance
  • Evening Only - Trio
    • Included as standard are 2 x 45 minute (minimum) sets of our live music, incidental music, lighting and supply of radio mics for evening speeches if required
  • Evening Only - 5 Piece Band
    • Included as standard are 2 x 45 minute (minimum) sets of our live music, incidental music, lighting and supply of radio mics for evening speeches if required
  • Full Wedding Day
    • As per Ceremony/Afternoon thru Early Evening and including music until the close of your wedding day. In addition to the afternoon we’ll get a great incidental playlist together for the interim period between day and night sessions if you have that in your plan. In the evening we’ll play a further 2 x 45 minute spots and have plenty of incidental music available


As a general rule we look at the band finishing at 11:30 PM and then we’ll fill in with incidental music until midnight. To keep things personal we work directly with all our clients this also enables us to work at reasonable rates as no middle man is involved. 


We have full Public Liability Insurance and all our gear is PAT tested.


We would be very happy to meet with you, or talk on the phone, for an informal, no obligation chat. We'll have a checklist ready to make sure that there is no stone left unturned with regards to you entertainment requirements. If you want an idea of our sound, head to the video page and look for our new showreel, this is just a small sample of our repertoire.  


Choosing FMB Events to work with you in complete harmony for your wedding is a sound choice, Cheers!


We look forward to hearing from you, our contact details are here,


FMB - Shaun, Mick and Andy

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