Flint, 'More & Byrne

FMB is a professional acoustic, harmony band right for any occasion; based in the East Midlands. We play gigs in music venues and can offer packages for weddings, corporate events, functions, festivals and celebrations of any kind. 

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....you were the best we’ve heard in a very long time...(Denise Saunders - Golden Eagle, Derby - March '18)

Mick says...as a professional musician I spent years touring and in clubs. It really honed my guitar skills and imprinted a song and chord dictionary in my brain. It was a natural progression for me to get a 'proper job' in music and I worked in sales for a few years before starting my own company selling PA (public address) and lighting products to the music industry. I still managed to find time to play gigs (somehow) and after my last band finished I took some time to think about my next venture. I knew Andy as a local musician and had seen him around our local sessions. Somehow, Shaun and I ended up at Andy's session at the 'Poets' and after a single line of harmony we all knew this was special.


Andy says...music has always been a major part of my life and like so many other musicians my parents had a collection of LPs that were the backdrop of my early days. I am a joiner and love all things wood, I even build guitars, and whenever I work there is music on, be it the radio or playlists that surprise me. Unlike Mick and Shaun I don't have thousands of road miles and gigs under my belt...but presented with the right opportunity and people that had to change. FMB was born out of a chance meeting, we like the same stuff, we tried a song together and bang! FMB was launched. We've since discovered we have common interests and are firm friends.

Shaun says...after several years of being a road warrior I was looking for something different and wanted to write more. I'd always been a big fan of acoustic music and acoustic guitars; I didn't realise how much until I went to a local open-mic night at The Old Poets Corner. Andy was running it and his voice and ease drew me in...I was hooked and had to have more. I now run the open mic sessions, with Andy and Mick and enjoy music more than I have ever done. We compliment each other as singers and guitar players and these 'strumbuddies' are smashing! FMB has inspired me to write more and finish my songs...got 10 ready to record...soon!


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